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What are the hydroponic flower pot plants?

Oct 25,2022 | TangShun Chao

In life, hydroponic plants are very common in life, and their benefits bring great help to life.There is a real reason why the advantages of hydroponics are flourishing creating the perfect conditions for plants to grow, and not just because of lifestyle habits, hydroponic  technology is also progressing step by step, so which plants are suitable for hydroponic planters? In fact, most of the plants are very suitable for hydroponic way, and hydroponic technology research shows that hydroponic way will be better than the soil way to grow, here we look at what are the common plants?
1. Peace Lily
I believe that everyone has an impression of "The Professional" in this movie, and the plant in front of him is Peace Lily plant, alias has the symbolic meaning of "smooth sailing", this alias is really auspicious, this plant likes warm, moist, semi-shady environment, very suitable for hydroponic way.

2. Heartleaf Philodendron
Hydroponics Heartleaf Philodendron is one of the very best indoor decorative hydroponics plants, because it is not easy to bloom, the stems of the roses are soft, delicate leaves, placed high on the top of the furniture cabinet set of pots, allowing its vine stems to hang down gracefully, extremely beautiful. Heartleaf Philodendron is native to the tropical rainforests of Indonesia and the Solomon Islands, and it can remove harmful indoor gases such as carbon monoxide and sulfite to freshen indoor air.

3. Ponytail Palm
Ponytail Palm is native to the arid region of northwestern Mexico. As a foliage flower, the bottle orchid can be used to decorate living rooms, study rooms, hotels and meeting places, giving people a new and chic feeling. It can be planted in medium to large pots and used to decorate halls, conference rooms, meeting rooms, hotels, shopping malls and other places, which is very tropical and appreciated. In the case of Ponytail Palm, water can be added every 5-6 days, and there will be less pests and diseases in the hydroponic way.

4. Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo is native to the Galilee Islands and tropical regions of Africa and Asia, also known as "lucky bamboo", with high ornamental value. It is a small perennial evergreen foliage plant. The plant is up to 2 meters tall, slender, upright and branched at the top, very suitable for home, office, etc.

5. hanging orchid
Hanging orchid plant is native to South Africa, with strong roots and short stems and slightly thicker roots. Leaves sword-shaped, 10-30 cm long, 1-2 cm wide, slightly narrowed toward the ends, hanging orchid sex like warm, moist, semi-shady environment. It is highly adaptable, drought tolerant, not very hardy, and ideal for hydroponics, which will make it grow very lush.

6. Strelitzia Reginae
Strelitzia Reginae is native to southern Africa, perennial herb, stemless. The leaves are oblong-lanceolate, 25-45 cm long, about 10 cm wide, acute at the tip, rounded or cuneate at the base, undulate at the lower margin, of which there are five varieties, namely Bird of Paradise with white flowers, Leafless cranesbill, Kew Gardens cranesbill, Caldeta cranesbill and Golden cranesbill. The process of hydroponics has high ornamental value and also ensures good growth and flowering.

In the final analysis, plants in hydroponics are common in life, in hydroponics ornamental high, but also can grow and bloom well. They are friendly to the environment, they are suitable for anyone's cultivation, also get a lot of fun from it, such a good way of life, let's get our hands together up hydroponic plants to start!