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Hydroponic flower pots and traditional flower pots comparison

Oct 25,2022 | TangShun Chao

1. Research data
Hydroponics is a new mode of growing vegetables in a safe and controlled manner. More and more people are realizing that consuming contaminated or diseased plants may lead to conditions such as E. coli and Salmonella poisoning, which has led to an increasing demand for growing crops in a safe and controlled environment, in which case hydroponics is the best growing method. From the study, it was shown that chard, lettuce and oleander were used as experimental materials to compare the quality of hydroponically grown vegetables with traditional vegetables in four aspects: Vc content, nitrite content, total antioxidant capacity and total carotenoid content. The results showed that the Vc content of hydroponically grown lettuce and rape was higher than that of traditional vegetables; the nitrite content of hydroponically grown cabbage and rape was lower than that of traditional vegetables; the total antioxidant capacity and total carotenoids of hydroponically grown cabbage were higher than that of traditional vegetables. Therefore, hydroponically grown vegetables reflect certain advantages over traditional vegetables in terms of quality.

2. Planting aspect
From the farm planting aspect, there are many kinds of potted plants, hydroponics is a little easier and more convenient than soil culture operation, is better for its cleanliness, elegant style, ornamental, environmental protection and pollution-free advantages, and hydroponics farm water consumption is far less than the amount of water used in traditional planting methods, because it scientific circulation system has in change. In contrast to traditional planters, the number of crops produced using hydroponics is three times greater than traditional methods. Seeds have to be sown far enough away for the crop to grow. With hydroponics, the seeds can be close together during the propagation stage and then transferred to the nursery for the final harvest stage, which is why it is beneficial to use hydroponics.
In reality, hydroponic planters can improve people's quality of life issues by allowing vegetables to have abundant nutrients, as well as the amount of light and water it receives. When planted, it can give a variety of vegetables a distinct advantage, and isn't this a force in the agricultural world? So, don't hesitate to try it together!