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This is not the same as a hydroponic flower pot

Oct 20,2022 | TangShun Chao

1. Hydroponic flower pots to prevent pests and diseases
Hydroponic flower pots are not prone to invasive diseases and insect pests. If brown lesions, necrosis, and irregular circular wet-stained lesions are found on a few leaves, the entire leaf can be easily removed to prevent its spread.

2. Achieve vegetable freedom
Because the hydroponics process can better absorb mineral chemicals, it can keep the water, fertilizer, gas, heat and other conditions required for root growth relatively stable. The proportions are appropriately matched. Due to the sufficient and balanced supply of water and fertilizer for hydroponic vegetables, the environment in the facility is more suitable for the growth of vegetables. Therefore, compared with traditional soil cultivation, hydroponic vegetables have higher yield, better quality, better taste, and higher safety.”

3. Hydroponics can be easily used
For Xiaobai, hydroponic plants suitable for home appreciation can choose leaf-green, strong and beautiful foliage varieties, such as dripping Guanyin, monstera, green dill and calamus that most people are familiar with. If you like advanced difficulty, you can also choose daffodils, succulents and other flowers, fruits, and pulpy plants. Hydroponic plants are not only easy to maintain, but also cleaner. Plant plants directly in a mixed solution of water and nutrient solution. There is no need to study the ratio of the medium or the thickness of the fertilizer. Just add water regularly and change the water to supplement the nutrient solution. , will give you a beautiful plant.

4. Beautiful and simple appearance
This flowerpot is not complicated to operate. Just fill the flowerpot with water, and then fix the spores of mosses, rhizomes of vines or seeds of other plants on the surface by directly inserting and fixing with rubber bands. anywhere. The adaptability to the environment is also very high, it can easily decorate any home environment, and make you feel good all day.