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The magic moment of plants on Vertplanter——Observer Planter

Dec 01,2022 | TangShun Chao

Planting on Vertplanter is very simple and easy to operate. It can be bundled with green plants for landscaping, and can also be cultivated with hydroponic seeds. The water in the bottle slowly seeps out, feeding the plants. It makes an amazing difference after a while. Take a look at the magical moments of plants on Vertplanter, which will be your best value hydroponic planter.

We have DIYed a bonsai, and we can use Vertplanter to make the landscape as imaginative as possible. It can be placed in the bedroom or next to the TV in the living room to purify the air and bring beauty to you.

After 30 days, we saw obvious changes in the roots of the plants, and found that the roots of the plants had completely adhered to the walls of the Vertplanter bottle, greedily absorbing the oozing water. This is the shocking feeling of plants growing before our eyes. We cannot visually observe the development of plant roots in ordinary flower pots, but Verplanter achieves the purpose of observing root development.

After a few days, the planted chia seeds began to germinate and became firmly attached to the walls of the Vertplanter bottle. I am very amazed by the magic of nature. Vertplanter also provides us with the best viewing angle. You can put a camera and watch the changes in 30 days and it will blow your mind.

A week after planting, the chia seeds were growing very healthy. This will be a great kitchen utensil for friends who like to make salads. It takes into account the beauty and can hydroponic some simple vegetables to make salads.