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Hydroponic care of orchids

Nov 13,2022 | TangShun Chao

Can orchids be cultivated in water? The orchid is one of the four gentlemen of the flower, its elegant and elegant temperament, accompanied by a light fragrance, will certainly be liked by everyone, and orchid varieties are also very rich, different forms, flower color is rich, very ornamental value, many people also have the experience of raising orchids at home. Many people have had the experience of raising orchids at home, but most of them are cultivated in soil. How to cultivate orchids in water?

Compared to soil culture, the advantages of hydroponics are.

1、Only need to change the nutrient solution on time without drenching and fertilizing, which can effectively overcome the contradiction of too much water or too little fertilizer or lack of fertilizer.
2. It is not limited to the conditions, which is beneficial to the popularity of orchid cultivation. The technology is simple and easy to control.
3、It can effectively overcome the drawbacks of traditional cultivation. Due to the improper control of water, fertilizer and cultivation technology, it is easy to have various problems such as black root, rotten root, yellow leaf and withered seedling.

The key points of orchid hydroponics care

1、Pot selection

The key is to combine the hydroponic method and porous material. You can put nutrient solution in the outer layer, and the ribbed rib between the mesh holes is a fixed object to hold the bulb and the orchid plant, such as stone or sponge.

2. Take off the pot and clean it

Orchids are usually depotted in spring. Before depotting, stop the water for a week, and after the soil becomes dry, remove the plant together with the potting soil from the pot, remove the thick soil on the surface, and then rinse the roots of the orchid.

3、Root pruning

Before hydroponics, cut off the residual roots and diseased leaves and rotten tips, wash them, cool and dry them for half a day, and then spray one-thousandth of tolbutazin to disinfect the whole plant.

4、Transplanting in water pot

Put the treated orchids directly into the hydroponic container, pay attention to the separation of the roots and then pass the roots through the sieve holes one by one by hand. After that, put the orchid in the pot and put small stones around the roots to fix the orchid.

5、Nutrient solution drip addition

The interval of adding nutrient solution for orchids is generally 15-20 days, and the dormancy period is 30-4 days. In order to make the amount of liquid put accurate, use a syringe to measure the liquid.

6、Reasonable water change

Orchids in hydroponics also need to pay attention to regular water changes for orchids. In normal summer, generally 5-7 times a water change, if it is during the summer high temperature, it needs 2-3 days to change the water once, the water temperature should be consistent with the temperature of the room to avoid the water temperature is too cold, which affects the growth of the plant.

7、In conclusion

the process of cultivating and caring for orchids in water is not complicated, and the orchids look very neat and clean. Friends who like orchids may try to cultivate orchids in water.