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Four benefits of hydroponic pots

Oct 15,2022 | TangShun Chao

1. The plants of soilless culture grow fast, have well-developed root system, strong growth and good quality.Soilless flowers break the restrictions brought by traditional flower cultivation. You can choose craft utensils of various materials and shapes as flower pots. It is not only clean, hygienic and simple to manage, but also greatly improves the ornamental effect and artistic value of potted flowers, and realizes the perfect combination of plants, containers and the environment. The "Zhan Wang" soilless flower has eliminated the bottom hole of the flower pot, and the potted flower will no longer leak muddy water and can be placed anywhere in the home. Since the bottom of the pot can accumulate nutrient solution, it is not necessary to water every day, which is suitable for fast-paced modern life. The nutrient solution does not need to be added, just add it when it is dry. It is simple and convenient, and does not require complicated management techniques. It is a popular craft potted flower.

2. Because the soil is completely discarded, the flowers are liberated from the muddy water, so not only the pests and diseases of the flowers are reduced, but also it is clean, pollution-free and easy to manage.

Clean: Get rid of soil manure and eliminate pot bottom holes.
Save trouble: no need to water frequently, no need to loosen soil, weed, change soil, and fertilize.
Simple: don't add the nutrient solution when it's dry, just add it when it's dry.
Beautiful: The container is crafted with various materials and shapes. Soilless flower maintenance method

3. According to different types of flowers, fertilization can be flexibly applied, and nutrients can be artificially balanced. It is not limited by regional water quality and soil quality, and the nutrient solution can be recycled.
Since the container does not have a bottom hole, the bottom can accumulate moisture, and it is not necessary to water frequently. In order to prevent too much water in the container and affect the growth, a side hole is often drilled at one-third of the bottom to limit the water level in the container. That is to say, it is advisable that the water level in the container does not exceed one third of the height of the container. If there are no side holes, you can tilt the container at a certain angle and check the water level to determine how much water is in it.

4. The traditional cultivation method is changed to avoid the insufficiency of stagnant water and rotten roots in soil cultivation. Using the new bottomless hole type cultivation container, it is easy to use the indoor cultivation space, and it is light in weight and easy to carry. The entire container is divided into upper and lower sections with the liquid level as the boundary. The nutrient solution is accumulated in the liquid storage area under the liquid surface, which is continuously supplied upward; the liquid surface is the root growth area used to grow roots.