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Important decisions for hydroponic planters

Oct 31,2022 | TangShun Chao

We are in hydroponic planting, the choice of hydroponic pots is also one of the important factors, which determines the beauty of the process of raising flowers. So here is the magic operation of hydroponic pots have, inevitably miss the details of the recorded plant growth, the face and practical hydroponic pots, but also to save energy and effort. The most important thing is that through it, you can clearly observe the whole process of plant growth.

The design is inspired by the way ferns grow in nature by clinging to tree branches, and having it can bring plants back to the feeling of a natural forest, easy to use, clean, and virtually maintenance-free.

It does not require soil, just fill it with water and the plants will absorb the required water on its surface and grow vigorously. The pot material structure is very sturdy and the inside of the pot is a small water tank, the water inside will slowly penetrate, spread and remain in the holes through the porous surface structure so that the plants will have plenty of time to absorb it, while the plants growing on the pot will slowly absorb the water droplets.You can also achieve repeat planting by simply running a knife over the plant and stripping it off as if you were undressing.

So why not try a planter that is so useful?