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Why should you buy the professional seepage flower pot?

Aug 05,2022 | ZIHAOLI

If you're a lovers of potted plants & hydroponics and want to try out planting easily in their perfect form, then buying a professional seepage flower pot becomes a necessity. I had many different seepage flower pot over the years, and each one had its fair share of pros and cons. Such as seepage too fast lead to water is wasted, or seepage too slowly lead to plants die from lack of water, so I needed to find a pot with the perfect water seepage rate. recently many recommended the Vertplanter's seepage flower pot to me. But is this product worth it? Let's find out.

Inside-out hydroponic natural materials planter - vertplanter

Why do I want from a seepage flower pot?

Before talking about the seepage flower pot from Vertplanter, we must define what I expect from a good seepage flower pot. I want to have as much capacity as possible, while also making sure that the degree of water seepage in the vase keep is very consistent. Any  extras like suitable seed type, flower pot appearance and so on are a great choice, and certainly worth taking into consideration.

What do I think about the seepage flower pot?

The best thing about this flower pot at least for me is the fact that you can grow any plants as you want. The pot also features holes for plant roots to climb, more convenient to absorb water. On top of that, I also like the fact that the seepage of each hole is average. There's plenty of breathability to ensure air flows evenly on the plant roots, make sure it doesn't die from lack of oxygen.

Additionally, they added a pot base for water storage. I think this is a great idea because it can protects seeping out water from dirtying your tabletop. You can pour the water from the base back into the pot if you want, and the cool thing for me is that doing so can educating children not to waste water.


When I buy a seepage flower pot, I usually want it to be very reliable, durable and professional. But I also expect it to be beautiful. This Vertplanter's seepage flower pot has a unique and beautiful appearance, so it's one of the prettiest and practical options that you can find on the market right now.