Classic Description

Vertplanter the perfect solution for your gardening needs. Known for their innovative ideas and high quality materials. They are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and their classic design will complement any décor.

Moisten your desired seeds (e.g. orchids, ferns, begonias, etc.) and spread them evenly on the Vertplanter.

  • Material:Terracotta, 100% natural inorganic material.
  • Porous System:The water spreads through the material, allowing the plant to grow on the surface of the material so you can see every step of its growth.
  • Water Circulation:Excess water is collected and fed into the recycling system to avoid mosquitoes and excessive water waste.
  • Highly DIY:Simply use the leather straps and string to transplant your favorite plants to Vertplanter, and look forward to your unlimited imagination.